Interactive Teaching

I have given a workshop on ‘Interactive Teaching’ as both a part of a module (ESDM016 – Teaching Methods) and as a standalone workshop.

As well as the slides embedded below, the workshop includes an activity in which participants draw their idea of an engaged and disengaged student, and we discuss the ways in which teaching can target particular modes of student disengagement.

The workshop is suitable for those who teach small and/or large groups, but I often emphasise its value in helping teachers of large groups make their teaching more interactive. Small-group teaching is often interactive by default, as it’s easy to organise a conversation. It’s in large lectures and lecture theatres where most people (understandably) struggle. I aim to help teachers build techniques for interactivity into their work so that they can regain students’ attention and make sure that the work they put into the lecture is rewarded by an engaged audience.